Establishment of Condominium

Gather all the detailed Plans of the building
We keep them in an orderly manner the projects of electricity, water systems, Sewers, stormwater, gas
We verified the existence of the technical report of the inspection of Elevators
We prove the completion of Survey Waitress the building
We request the Constitutive Title of Horizontal Property
Take care of the registration of the Condominium in the register of legal persons
We draw up the regulation of Condominium

Common services

We evaluate the proposals from service providers
Adjudicamos and Contratualizamos Common services
We monitor the performance of contracts
Consult regularly the market in search of better conditions

Condominium Accounting organization

We note the data of the building and its fractions
We draw up the annual budget and checked the financing needs
Consider the age of the building in the allocation for the common fund of Reserve
Check the bank account of the condo and we carry out the bank reconciliation
Make the release of expenses
Send Receipts relating to payment of condo Shares
Send reminders to Defaulting Owners

Annual accounting

Closing bank balance accounts Reconciled
We present the Budget Justification of deviations
We draw up the balance sheet with description of all income and expenses
Find the Balance with the identification of Debts to the condo
Prepare the estimated budget and the business plan
We draw up activity report with justification of budget execution
We call and participate in the assemblies
We drafted the minutes according to the requirements of Executive Title

Safety and Prevention

Given the existence of compulsory insurance of Fire
We propose to the Assembly the minimum Capital holding to the building
We demonstrate the importance of insurance Multi-risk Condo
We evaluate the needs of safety Signs by Placing your
We promote the placement and maintenance of fire extinguishers
We preserve the operation of Evacuation exits
We take care of the lighting Network combining safety with the rationalisation of energy costs
We comply with the Mandatory Inspections of gas and Lifts

Routine inspections and maintenance

Replace blown bulbs and checked the operation of emergencies
We tested the condition of equipment
Check the clearance of the common spaces
Confirm the evacuation exits clearance
Experience tuning of Fire Doors
We monitor the cleaning and sanitizing of the garbage Containers
We have endeavored by the Cleaning of Drains and Grates of rainwater
Follow the service providers maintenance of Elevators, Hidropressoras Pumps, fire Stations
Assess needs of repair and the introduction of tariff adjustments/improvements

Legal Advice

Fix apartments-the Concierge
We draw up the lease and your delivery in finance
Send Electronic receipts of income
We elaborate the employment contracts of the Employees of the condominium
We calculate the interest on the Debts of Condominiums
We carry out payment arrangements with Confession of debt
Prepare and Follow processes on justices of the peace
Take care of Executive Actions

Recruitment and management of Porters

We select and Recruit as condominium Assembly orientation
We process payments
Deliver Social security declarations
Take care of the delivery of 10 Model