We have concluded that the suitability of potential Tenants
Do the collection and deposit of rents
Send Electronic receipts
We update the rents according to the legal
We carry out the payment of taxes and fees
Trached him housing
We promote the repair of structures

Common services

We evaluate the proposals from service providers
Adjudicamos and Contratualizamos Common services
We monitor the performance of contracts
Consult regularly the market in search of better conditions

Annual accounting

Closing bank balance accounts Reconciled
Activity report with justification of budget execution
Balance sheet with description of all income and expenses
Swing with the identification of Debts to the condo
The estimated budget and business plan
We call and participate in the assemblies
We drafted the minutes according to the requirements of Executive Title

Security in the building

Given the existence of compulsory insurance of Fire
We set the minimum Capital holding to the building
We evaluate the needs of safety Signs
We promote the placement and maintenance of fire extinguishers
We preserve the operation of Evacuation exits
We take care of the lighting Network combining safety with the rationalisation of energy costs
We comply with the Mandatory Inspections of gas and Lifts

Legal Advice

We lease contracts
Make the drop in finance
We enforced collection of Rents
We see the fulfillment of the purpose of use of housing
We mediate in conflicts between Tenant/Landlord