What are the organs that make up the condominium administration?

  • House Owners
  • Condominium administrator

Who can hold the post of administrator?

  • The Owners Themselves
  • Third parties

What are the functions of the administrator of the condominium?

  • Convene the General meetings of Owners
  • Submit to the Assembly annual report and Annual Budget
  • Perform the accounting of revenue and expenditure
  • Issuing Receipts for payment of the common expenses
  • Check the existence of insurance against the risk of fire by proposing to the Assembly the minimum Capital holding
  • Run the deliberations of the Assembly of joint-owners
  • Perform Acts conservatories of common interest
  • Develop arrangements for enforcing payment of the Share in the common expenses and reserve common fund
  • Regulate the use of the common thing
  • Keep the condominium Documentation

House Owners

How does the house owners?

  • Shall be convened by registered letter or protocol signed by Owners
  • Can be called by the administrator or by a set of Owners representing at least 25% of the building.
  • If you don't attend the number of Owners representing a majority of the capital and in the Convocation has not been immediately set another date, it is called new House for a week later, in the same time and place, and may in this case the Assembly shall act by majority vote of the Owners present, since these represent at least 25% of the building.
  • The decisions are taken unanimously (Amendment of Constitution Title), by qualified majority (2/3) (regulation of condominium) or simple majority.
  • The resolutions that require to be approved by unanimity can be taken by all Owners present since these represent at least two thirds of the Capital under the condition of approval of the resolution by the other Owners.
  • The minutes of the meeting must be sent to the Owners that are not present by means of registered letter with warning of reception until thirty days after the completion of the Assembly.
  • After the reception of the Owners have 90 days to inform the system administrator of your condo didn't agree with the resolutions taken.
  • Within 10 days of the decision, to the present Owners, or from the communication, for the Owners, the administrator may be required to convene an Extraordinary Meeting, to take place within 20 days, to repeal the resolutions invalid.
  • Within 30 days you can either submit the decision to a commercial partner centre of arbitration.
  • The right to propose the action for annulment shall lapse within a period of 20 days on the resolution of the Extraordinary Assembly or, if it has not been requested, within 60 days of the date of the decision.

Costs of Conservation

How are apportioned the costs of conservation and enjoyment?

  • The cost of conservation and Enjoyment of the common parts are paid for each Apartment in proportion to the percentage share of your Fraction, unless decided otherwise by a majority of two-thirds of the Capital building.
  • Expenditure relating to the common parts fit only some of the Owners shall be borne by those who serve them.
  • The costs of the elevators they only fractions that can be served by them.

Which the quorum of Directors for innovation works?

  • Must be approved by a qualified majority of 2/3 of the Capital building.
  • In the case of the installation of lifts and Gas system to your approval depends only on the majority of votes in Parliament, since the building has at least 8 fractions.


Insurance against the risk of fire is required?

  • Yes, and the Owners prove your annual payment to the administrator of the Condominium
  • When the Owners do not hand over the proof of payment is up to the Administrator to Secure and get the respective value with the incumpridor Apartment.
  • It is up to Parliament to decide on the minimum Capital safe for the building upon a proposal by the administrator.