Decree-Law No. 47 344, of 25 November 1966 - Civil Code
Approves the Civil Code and regulates the application your-repeals, as from the date of entry into force of the new Civil Code, civil legislation concerning matters which it covers

Decree-Law No. 267/94 of 25 October
Changes the Horizontal Property Regime contained in the Civil Code and the code of land register

Decree-Law No. 268/94 of 25 October - Horizontal Property Regime
Establishes regulatory standards of horizontal property regime

Law No. 6/2006 of 27 February - New urban rent Regime (NRAU)
Approves the new urban rent Regime (NRAU), which establishes a special regime for the updating of old lace, and amending the Civil Code, the code of Civil procedure, the Decree-Law No. 287/2003, of 12/11, the Municipal property tax code and the code of land register

Law No. 79/2014, of 19 December
Review the legal framework of the urban leases, by changing the Civil Code and by second amendment to law No. 6/2006 of 27 February, the third amendment to Decree-Law No. 157/2006 of 8 August, and the second amendment to Decree-Law No. 158/2006 of 8 August

Decree-Law No. 307/2009, of 23 October - Legal framework of urban renewal
The use of the authorization granted by law No 95-A/2009, of September 2, approving the legal framework of the urban rehabilitation

Law No. 32/2012 to August 14
The first amendment to Decree-Law No 307/2009, of 23 October, which establishes the legal regime of urban renewal, and the fifty-fourth amendment to the Civil Code, approving measures to expedite and streamline the urban rehabilitation

Decree-Law No. 136/2014 of 9 September
The thirteenth amendment to Decree-Law No. 555/99, of December 16, which establishes the legal regime of the urbanization and edification